$55 Colon Hydrotherapy
and $15 Infrared Sauna Session
Exclusively for Beauty High Readers
What We Love
  • Perfect 5-star rating on Yelp
  • Rid your system of toxins
  • Increase circulation and improve your overall wellness
Need to Know
  • Valid until 12/17/2012
  • New clients only
  • Tip not included
  • Limit 1 per client
About Deal
    • Admit it: you've always been curious about colonics. What are the perks? What's this about a tube? Exactly how long are we talking about? Well, we sent Beauty High's Spencer Cain undercover to report back with the deets. And of course, we've got an exclusive deal for y'all (along with an infrared sauna sesh, to sweeten the pot).

      We're offering a colon hydrotherapy treatment for $55 (reg. $110) and an infrared sauna session for $15 (reg. $35) at Inner Awakening Healing Center.

      For hydrotherapy, you lay on a comfy table as a sterilized tube (with separate inflow and outflow) is gently inserted. A practitioner massages your abdomen as water from the inflow tube helps the body release waste through the outflow tube, ridding your system of toxins, excess fats, harmful bacteria, and parasites. The end result? Shinier hair, healthier skin, and better digestion.

      During the infrared sauna session, relax as heat increases your core temperature and kicks your metabolism into high gear. The 30-minute treatment decreases cellulite, flushes toxins, and aids weight loss for a full-body revamp.

Reviews for Inner Awakening Healing Center
From Lifebooker:

"Excellent experience. Jane was gentle and friendly; she also gave me lots of tips on cleansing and taking care of my digestive system. I will definitely be going back."

"This place is great. The sauna was clean and peaceful and Jane has a large library for you to choose from so that you can chill and read during your sauna. I felt great afterwards."

"Jane made my first time memorable and comfortable. After the session I felt lighter and more energized. I will definitely be back for more sessions and continue my cleanse!"

From Yelp (where Inner Awakening has a 5-star rating form 7 reviews):

"Asten has the perfect bedside (bum-side?) manner: concerned, deeply caring, experienced, responsive, so kind, and humorous. She gives her light to you. Believe me, colonics and LGFs get so much easier and more comfortable (and dare I say, even natural) over time and as your body just gets cleaner and cleaner." - Chanda V. (6/25/11)

I met Jane when I was at a liver/gall bladder flush retreat at Mt. Shasta. We did a 7-day cleansing and the flush at the end of the cleansing. As part of the cleansing, a colon hydrotherapy was also recommended to assist in the cleansing. I'd heard of colon hydrotherapy before but never tried it, so was a little apprehensive at first. Jane made it so much easier to go through it as she was very patient and explained patiently the procedure. The whole process takes probably 30-40 minutes and it was not as bad as I had thought. Knowing how much stuff can be accumulated inside the colons over time, I was happy to get the needed cleanse and felt so much better after the whole thing. "A clean and healthy GI tract is essential to good health!" - Claire W. (4/13/11)

"I scheduled an inferred sauna treatment. Jane was very helpful and offered all of the amenities required for a a inferred sauna session. The music in the sauna was very relaxing and the shower and bathrooms were very clean. Had such a good experience that I made another appointment for the following week. Also the price was just right...A+A+A+" - David H. (3/2/11)
Inner Awakening Healing Center
  • Inner Awakening Healing Center 80 Eureka Square Suite 111 Pacifica, CA 94044