Up to 63% Off Lipo-Ex at Sculpt Medical
What We Love
  • Lose fat and tighten skin
  • Painless, noninvasive procedure
  • Treat abdomen, love handles, arms, face and neck, or hips and thighs
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Need to Know
  • Valid until 02/16/2013
  • New clients only
  • Limit 2 Loot per area
  • Refrain from alcohol 24 hours before and after each treatment
About Deal
    • There are some men, women, and octomoms who are blessed with miracle bodies that snap back. As for the rest of us, there's today's Loot.

      We're offering two sessions of Lipo-Ex on the area of your choice at Sculpt Medical Spa. Choose to target your abs, love handles, arms, or face/neck for $300 (reg. $800), or zero in on your hips and thighs for $400 (reg. $900).

      Lipo-Ex smooths and tightens skin, minimizes cellulite, and gets rids of both subcutaneous fat (found just beneath the skin) and visceral fat (the deep, stubborn fat that most laser treatments can't get to). A gentle radio frequency device heats your body, stimulating collagen production and liquefying fat cells, which are then eliminated naturally by your body. There's no downtime and all you'll feel is a painless warming sensation.

      The two sessions last 30-60 minutes each and should be spaced four to five days apart. Bonus: The experts at Sculpt will give you a personalized diet and fitness plan to accompany your treatment, so you can show off your own miracle bod.

Reviews for Sculpt Medical Spa
From Lifebooker:

"My tech, Angie, was so sweet and friendly! She explained every step of the process, made me feel comfortable, and was conscious of my needs throughout the treatment. The treatment itself was relaxing, and while some people may be sensitive to the heat, I wasn't really. And if I had been, Angie told me "There's no medal for bravery!" and that I should let her know if it got too hot. The spa itself is very clean, peaceful, and in a very nice location off of the Chicago/Franklin stop."

"This was definitely one of my best spa experiences! I was greeted immediately by the friendly receptionist, and was taken in for my appointment right on time. Anna was great at explaining the process and the treatment was comfortable and downright painless. I followed the directions for pre and post care, and I was amazed that the next day, my waistline on my pants was looser, and I noticed a small difference on my stomach already. Can't wait to go back for the rest of the treatments!"

Testimonials from Clients:

"I cannot say enough how amazing the transition has been. I had a baby almost two years ago, and my pre-pregnancy body has not returned until now. For the moms or anyone looking to get their body back this is the way to go." - Mary M.

"I can definitely not only see the difference but I feel it too!! Such a great non evasive concept, definitely check it out." - Dena D.
Sculpt Medical Spa
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