53% Off 5 Beginner Classes
at Step Into Salsa
What We Love
  • Learn to salsa dance in the original NY style born out of Spanish Harlem
  • Sign up with a partner or alone - who knows who you'll meet
  • You can buy up to 12 Loot, and you may get permission to move on to more advanced classes after your initial session
Need to Know
  • Valid until 04/29/2011
  • Limit 12 per client
  • Loot entitles dancer to 5 beginner classes; may move on to more advanced classes with additional Loot if instructor permits
  • Can start redeeming 10/29/10
About Deal
    • Ahh...Salsa. We're not talking about the party snack that you always seem to spill on your shirt, we're talking about the sexy Cuban dance that's totally fun and addicting.

      We're offering 5 Group Salsa Classes at Step Into Salsa, regularly $75, for just $35 (that's 53% off).

      Salsa is a beautiful dance that was born in Spanish Harlem in the 1950s. The dance incorporates elements of the Merengue and the Cha-Cha-Cha, and is very similar to the Mambo in that they both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The sounds of Salsa are a sweet fusion of Cuban music and African drumbeats.

      In each 90-minute class, you will learn the fundamentals of leading and following, how to do simple steps and turns, and basic partner work (bring a partner or come solo and meet a new one in class!).

      Step Into Salsa's classes, held in Midtown, are taught by founders Cesar Carrasco, a former member of the professional Salsa company "Salsa Locos," and Sheena Larsen, an International Latin Division competitive dancer.

      Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, and get ready to dance the night away.

      Grab this Loot now you tiny dancer!

Reviews for
From Yelp:

"The dance classes taught by the instructors of Step Into Salsa are great! They are very nice, patient, and approachable. The dance steps are taught in a way that is easy to follow. And even though the classes are for groups, you often get individual attention from the instructors. Other good points: Prices are also reasonable. It is a great opportunity to socialize with new people and to burn some calories." - Dashima C.

"Cesar was my first salsa teacher and I must say i learned all that unspoken language of the dance from him (something I have not quite yet found in another teacher). Definitely a big help for someone not used to taking non-verbal leads in partner dancing." - Peck S.

"Thanks to Sheena and Caesar, I have now found a new and better way to burn my fat, relax my mind and enjoy the weekend dancing with the music." - Pradeep G.

"My fiance and I are a few weeks into the salsa program and have thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Class sizes are typically under 10 people so Cesar and Sheena can offer a lot of one-on-one time which helped me out immensely. Another great way they teach the class is by separating guys from girls and break down the steps as they differ from move to move. Fun people. Good music. Check it out!" - Keith M.

"I enjoyed my dance lesson with Cesar and Sheena. They are friendly and made me feel welcome. The class practiced more partner work than other classes I have taken so this is a big advantage." - Red H.
Step Into Salsa
  • Step Into Salsa 257 West 39th Street 14th Floor New York, NY 10018