64% Off Botox with Dr. Jame Heskett
at Wellpath
What We Love
  • Wellpath and Dr. Heskett have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS and Fox
  • Wellpath has been featured in New York Magazine and The New York Times
  • 4.5 star rating on Citysearch
Need to Know
  • Valid until 04/25/2011
  • Limit 6 per client
  • 1 Loot per area (up to 20 units); applies to frown lines b/t eyebrows, lines on forehead or crow's feet around eyes
  • Can start redeeming 10/25/10
About Deal
    • Botox! It's on every page of that Us Magazine in your bag, and it's the real star in most of your favorite movies. Women get it, men get it, and if dogs could get it, some probably would.

      Not sure what Botox really is? It's a non-surgical, physician-administered treatment of a few tiny injections that smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Each session takes about 10 minutes.

      Here's some good news: if you already get Botox, you can get yourself a session at a fabulous Lifebooker price. If you haven't yet had Botox and you're thinking about it, we've just made it a whole lot easier by handing over a Loot that will allow you to get treated by an experienced doctor who's been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Good Morning New York.

      We're offering Botox with Dr. Jame Heskett at Wellpath for just $198 (that's 64% off the regular $550).

      Each Loot will get you treatment in one area - use it to smooth lines on your forehead, crows feet around your eyes, or frown lines between your eyebrows. And for those of you who want to stock up on this rare treat, you can buy up to 6 Loot (each treatment lasts around 3-6 months).

      Wellpath is a holistic spa and integrative health center on the Upper East Side that has been featured in New York Magazine, The New York Times, Redbook, and Real Simple among many others.

      Grab this Loot now and wipe those wrinkles off your face!

Reviews for
From Citysearch:

I absolutely love Wellpath and the girls there. I have been going there for a few years for little things here and there, and every time I return they remember to ask about details I told them months before! They are so personal and friendly! I recently did Botox with Dr. Jame, and I have to say, I love it. I had done Botox before and was nervous to try again since before I ended up kind of "frozen" looking, but Dr. Jame assured me she could achieve the natural, relaxed look I was looking for. Well, she DID! I am so, so happy. The place has a girly, cozy feel - not at all like a typical Dr's office, and the Dr. herself has a great healthy, natural glow about her. Highly recommend.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Wellpath's abundance of treatment options and have never been disappointed with the quality of service. Dr. Jame' Heskett and her staff are top notch and always make me feel like part of the Wellpath family. I feel so lucky to have found this spa and to be so well taken care of each time I visit for a treatment. I have never had an unpleasant visit and will definately be a loyal customer for as long as they provide their wonderful services. I have recommended all of my friends to visit the spa for a treatment and now many of them are loyal customers as well. I rely on Wellpath to keep me looking beautiful!"

"I found the staff to be very informative and polite. They really are thorough and walk you through the process. The environment is cheery and down to earth."

"I highly recommend Dr. Haskett for her professionalism, her ability and the results she has obtained for me."

"A refreshing, no attitude, great place, great service, relaxing atmosphere. Friendly responsive staff. All services are excellent. Highly recommended! You must check it out..."

  • Wellpath 903 Madison Avenue Suite 4F New York, NY 10021