$99 For Your Choice of Facial at NuVision Medspa
Laser Genesis Facial or IPL Photofacial
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  • 4.5 star rating on Citysearch
  • Choose the facial that's best for you
  • Consult with one of NuVision's skincare professionals about the treatments
Need to Know
  • Valid until 09/26/2011
  • Limit 5 per client
  • Choose Laser Genesis Facial or Photofacial
  • Includes skin consultation
  • Can start redeeming 9/21/10
About Deal
    • If you were anything like us in high school, you mostly took naps and snacked during science class. You found science boring, and, frankly, not applicable to your daily life. But science has finally given us something more useful than electricity, cars, and computers combined: laser facials.

      Yes, science has caught up to your dreams: lasers can now repair sun damage, shrink pores, erase broken capillaries, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. If they had told us that back then, we would've surely woken up.

      We're offering your choice of a Laser Genesis Facial or an IPL Photofacial at NuVision MedSpa, each regularly priced at $400, for just $99 (that's 75% off).

      Laser-based facials work by heating your skin just below the surface to stimulate the growth of new collagen and remove old cells, leaving your skin looking smooth, clear and even-toned. Both the Laser Genesis and IPL Photofacial are painless and do not require any downtime at all.

      The Laser Genesis facial is great for treating excessive redness, broken capillaries, fine lines, and acne scars as it evens out your skin tone and pigmentation.

      The IPL Isolaz Photofacial combines the benefits of the Laser Genesis with deep pore cleansing. Unlike other IPL lasers, the Isolaz actually vacuums your pores and removes excess oil and debris, resulting in a smooth and clear complexion.

      Not sure which is best for you? Head over to NuVuision for a complimentary consultation with a skincare expert who will help you decide which facial is better for your skin.

      Grab this Loot now and get the clear skin science wants you to have.

Reviews for
From Yelp:

My experience has been really great. The people are very pleasant to work with, and very professional. I had the Isolaz Laser treatment twice and it did take away the redness, and my skin had a nice glow to it. I also did the Isolaz peels and it takes away the dead skin, and leaves a nice touch to your skin. Your face doesn't turn out to red, so you can go on your lunch hour and have the treatments. If you want a quick fix me up, I would recommend it.

Jaime did my facial, and I would highly recommend her. She was very pleasant and kind and gentle on my face. She took the time to answer my questions about my skin, skincare products, etc. My favorite part was that she told me about some of the products they sell there, but didn't try to pressure me into buying a bunch of stuff I don't need, which often happens with spa facials. - Alyssa R.

I have been going to NuVision for the last year for skin care therapy, and I am always impressed by the staff's knowledge of new technology and skin care treatments. Also, the staff are so welcoming that you feel like a member of the family the first moment you walk through the door. Dr. Jackson is very thorough throughout the full consultation, treatment and followup. Thanks NuVision for keeping my skin new and fresh! :-) - Christina H.

the procedure is virtually painfree! and there is almost no post procdeure symptoms, this treatment is suppose to lift the oil that is clogged in your pores and kill the underlying bacteria that is underneath your skin! and let me tell you it works!!! i havent Broken out in acne this entire week!!!!! - Alvaro G.

From Citysearch:

Not only was my facial close to painless (come'on, there's always a little pain with these!), but I was completely relaxed by the end of the procedure! AND my skin looked (and still looks) great!!! I would definitely recommend Nuvision to everyone!

This med spa is wonderful. I have done isolaz treaments here and Jaymee is great! I have recommended this spa to all my friends. They get booked up very quickly b/c it is that good!!So call atleast the week before you want to go in.

the staff is great and acommidating. best isolaze treatments ever. i highly recommend!! amazing staff, great micro and facials as well

I had an overall great experience with NuVision. I found the staff to be very professional, yet also extremely friendly, warm and caring about my needs and concerns for my skin. Everything was explained in terms I could understand and all of the options available to me were covered. I suffered from "shiny" - oily skin and their laser treatments achieved the exact results I was looking for. I can 100% recommend NuVision to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone else looking to solve their skin "issues".

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