$35 One-Hour Massage or 3 for $99
What We Love
  • Choose from Swedish, deep-tissue, or cupping massage
  • Relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and drain toxins
  • Align your spine with an adjustment
Need to Know
  • Valid until 12/28/2014
  • Limit 2 per client; 3 as gifts
  • Tip not included
About Deal
    • Oh sure, there are lots of ways to relieve stress. Scream-singing the entirety of "Bohemian Rhapsody" out your window? Throwing tomatoes as a form of "art therapy?" Sadly, those methods might get you arrested. Let us suggest this Loot as a civil alternative...

      Grab a one-hour massage for $35 (reg. $150) and three for $99 (reg. $450) at Complete Health & Body of NY.

      Choose from Swedish (long, gliding strokes), deep tissue (firm kneading on problem areas throughout the body), and cupping (glass suction cups release toxins and relieve pressure). And if you grab the three-pack, you can try all three modalities.

Reviews for Complete Health & Body of NY
Testimonials from Clients:

"Quiet office and easy-to-get-to Midtown location. My back feels great! Will keep coming back. Thanks Dr. V!"

"The people at Complete Health and Body are extremely helpful, courteous and professional. I have a serious back condition which requires multiple visits per week. I would not be able to perform normal activities if not for Dr. Vito. My back is much better and I will continue to visit their office. Thank you Complete Health & Body NY."

"An oasis in midtown Manhattan! They offer a full range of services, from chiropractic care to Botox treatments. The masseuse, Sharon, is an angel. In addition to my massage, I also received an adjustment from Dr. Vito. He was very gentle and made me feel at ease even though I had some reservations about being adjusted. He made me aware of certain issues with my back, and gave me advice on how to remedy them. Very professional! Overall, I had a wonderful experience and will definitely be back."

Complete Health & Body of New York
  • Complete Health & Body of NY 274 Madison Avenue Suite 705 New York, NY 10016