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  • Judy has written dating advice for Seattle Weekly, The Frisky, and Gothamist and is the author of How Not to Date
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    • Your online dating profile should make a good impression. "Twenty-something who loves cheese and curates the best Freaks and Geeks fan site on the web," isn't doing you justice.

      Revamp your profile with the help of relationship guru Judy McGuire for $49 (reg. $150).

      Sit down with Judy and chat about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, and what you look for in a significant other. Using the information you've shared, Judy helps you cut the TMI and build a dating profile that's specific, organized, and grammatically correct. Most importantly, your new and improved profile will help you attract the kind of partner you're looking for.

      Judy's writing has been featured in Seattle Weekly as well as on The Frisky and Gothamist (to name a few). With her help, you might just find the Daniel Desario of your dreams.

Reviews for Judy McGuire
Reviews for Judy McGuire's book How Not to Date:

"Anyone who's ever dated needs to feel that the monumental mistakes they've made along the way are worth laughing over, and anyone who doesn't feel that dating is a laughing matter should pick up this book right away. If painfully funny truths were nickles, this book would be worth a million. If you can't laugh about a hard-drinking wiccan who channels baby voices through her cats on the first date, well, you may not be able to laugh at all."

"I'm a book editor who reads more than sixty books a year professionally and dozens for pleasure, and I have not laughed this hard in a really long while. McGuire's writing style is superb: laconic, sardonic and just plain funny. Like a seasoned cicerone she guides the reader through a series of hysterical tales of dating woe, yet even when the narrative is at its most hilarious it still manages to retain a lot of compassion for the poor souls out there trying to hook up. This is not reality-show laugh-at-the-idiot humor--it's much more sophisticated and insightful. You could even give it to a cool mom or dad. Loved it!"

"This book is awesome! It is funny and scary. I'm single now, but this book makes me feel it's ok to be single than get stuck with people like in this book. And makes me feel better to just "DATE" not to find a "MATE". anyway, I can't wait to go on many dates and talk about them with my girls...I love this book."
Judy McGuire
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