$29 for 5 Zumba Fitness Classes
Experience The Phenomenon for 77% Off
What We Love
  • Get in shape in a fun and motivating group environment
  • Boutique gym offers small classes and individual attention
  • Zumba is a cool combo of Latin-inspired beats and bold, followable moves
  • Dance away those calories
Need to Know
  • Valid until 03/03/2011
  • Limit 2 per client
  • of first class
  • Sched: M 7:15p, Tu 9:20a, W 6:30p, Su 11a & more soon
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Can be used starting 8/3/10
About Deal
    • Learn some sexy Latin dance moves. Burn a ton of calories. Have fun in a class that feels more like a party than exercise. Whats the secret password? Zumba!

      Zumba is a Latin-inspired, high-intensity fitness program (check out its history here) that will sculpt your body as you get into the groove. And when its taught by the awesomely inspiring instructors at Monqi Fitness, its a straight up fitness revolution!

      The class incorporates interval training and varied dance rhythms so youll not only get a good workout, but youll become a master at merengue, salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton.

      Zumba is nothing short of a fitness phenomenon - its taught in over 100 countries and has spawned countless Zumbaphiles (yes, we made that word up) who have changed their bodies along with their perceptions about what exercise can be. Who, exactly, is talking about it? Well, The New York Times and The Washington Post wrote about it, Jennifer Lopez told Redbook that it can help women reignite their inner spark, and its been featured on CNN, The Today Show, and a ton of other media outlets.

      Monqui Fitness, the east side gym, is a friendly place to bend, jump and stretch your way to a healthier (and happier - endorphins are very real) you. Weve teamed up to offer 5 Zumba Classes for $29 (regularly $125 - thats 77% off).

      So grab this Loot now and get in shape the fun way with Zumba!

Reviews for

"Those people who say they love the exercise? Bitches. Dragging yourself to the gym to sweat on the treadmill on your day off just isn't fun. That's where Zumba comes in. It's a class that plays good music and teaches Latin dances, so it doesn't even feel like a workout. But it still burns tons of calories. Call girlfriends, and make a date to get your asses moving this weekend."
- Cosmopolitan

"Zumba has earned a cult following in gyms around the country, due in part to its relaxed, carefree structure and, as Ms. Shimoff adds, because "it doesn't feel like exercise." The Zumba slogan is "Ditch the workout. Join the party." People in class follow the moves of an instructor, who continues to build on different dance sequences. The dance moves simultaneously work the lower body, abdominal muscles and upper body, while also providing a cardio workout. It is estimated one can burn up to 1,000 calories during the one-hour class."
- The Wall Street Journal

"The hour-long classes alternate easy-to-follow fast dance moves with slower ones for an interval-training workout that tones muscles and burns hundreds of calories. When the music starts pumpingsalsa, merengue, reggaetonpeople forget they're exercising. And that just may be the secret to Zumba's success."
- Readers Digest

"Latin music pulses from the stereo as 40 women jump, shimmy and sway to the beat. It's not a dance club. This is a regular morning exercise class at the YMCA in Alpharetta, Georgia. It's called Zumba. Part dance, part aerobics, Zumba is an hourlong routine that works almost every muscle in the body. "It is dance fitness," explained Stephanie Maxim, one of two class instructors. "We teach them moves that you can see on 'Dancing with the Stars': salsa, mambo, cha-cha, and we put it into a group fitness format." "It's not like a workout," explained Diane Walterstiel, 55, of Alpharetta. "Before I come, I'm tense, but when I leave, I could kiss the world." Nearly a year after being introduced at the YMCA in suburban Atlanta, Zumba is the most popular exercise offering at the facility."

Yelp Reviews for MonQi Fitness:

"If you are looking for a boutique gym, where the staff treats you like you are their most important member, then this is definitely the place for you. I have been a member now for 3 years and from day one they knew my name. Putting aside the amazing customer service they give you, their personal trainers are the best! They truely care about all of their clients and they really do help you achieve your goals. I am so happy to have found such an incredible place!" - Lauren G.

"I've been going to MonQi for 3 years and love it there. The staff is incredibly nice and encouraging and the trainers are fantastic." - Brooke M.

Citysearch Reviews for MonQi Fitness:

"MonQi is an amazing neighborhood gym that reminds me of the bar on Cheers where everybody knows your name. The excellent classes are small with the kind of personal attention to form and fitness level that you just don't find at some of the bigger gyms in town. If the instructors don't recognize you from past classes, they generally introduce themselves at the beginning of class and work with you during class to get the moves right and answer any questions. The owner Lyn is lovely and creates a warm, casual, and caring atmosphere. MonQi has become one of my favorite places and I recommend it highly."

"The staff is warm and friendly, and the class offerings are terrificwell thought out and creative options not found in most gyms. The instructors are especially professional and motivational, and share a long-term commitment to the facility and clients. The management is professional yet gracious, and offers user-friendly options and incentives to meet the needs of users. The venue and props are clean and well cared for and the atmosphere is simple, keeping clients focused on their purpose. I've been to all the fancy gyms-- they can keep their "free" fancy lotions and potions in the locker room--I'll take MonQi, a well run neighborhood gym perfectly suited for smart, busy people wanting the best instructors and service. Thank you for 'getting it' MonQi Fitness!!!!"

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