Juice Cleanses Starting at $51
What We Love
  • Juices safely replace regular meals
  • Detox, lose weight, increase energy, and strengthen your immune system
  • Delivered right to your door
  • 6 yummy juices a day
  • Receive UPS tracking information, so you'll know exactly when your order is set to arrive!
Need to Know
  • Valid until 04/10/2014
  • May purchase unlimited Loot
  • Cost of shipping not included ($25-$35)
  • Check the FAQs here
  • Cost of shipping to NYC metro area not included (approx. $25-$35)
  • NOTE: Discount promo codes may not be applied to this Loot
About Deal
    • You know when you haven't gone food shopping in a while, so you subsist on cookies, pasta, and high-sodium soup? If you nodded your head, are you our long-lost twin? Also, please continue reading.

      We're offering detox juice cleanses from Raw Generation. During a juice cleanse, your body naturally detoxes, which increases your energy, strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism, and aids in weight loss. Each day, six fresh juices are delivered right to your door in recyclable 16-oz.bottles.

      Try the Gentle Cleanse for three days for $124 (reg. $180) or five days for $199 (reg. $300). Perfect for cleanse beginners, the program is designed to keep you satisfied. Start the day with a green juice (kale, spinach, collard green, apple, and lemon), then fill up with yummy fruit juices. End the day imbibing almond milk with dates and vanilla.

      Try the Skinny Cleanse for one day for $51 (reg. $70), three days for $145 (reg. $210), or five days for $231 (reg. $350). Lose up to two pounds a day with the system, which includes vitamin-packed juices with ingredients like cucumber, kale, pineapple, and aloe vera.

      Try the Seriously Skinny Cleanse for one day for $59 (reg. $80), three days for $165 (reg. $240), or five days for $264 (reg. $400). A strict green juice diet maximizes your body's fat-burning abilities. The juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so you get all the nutrients you need to healthfully (and easily) replace regular meals.

      Now please don't go back to eating those Nutter Butters. You don't know how long they've been in there.

Reviews for Raw Generation
From Lifebooker:

"Overall good experience! The juices keep you full for the most part."

"Made it through and feel great after!!"

"Great cleanse! I felt so much better after!"

"Delivery was fast and bottles were packed very well. The Juices are delicious with high qualitly Ingredients."

"Good enough to do twice!"

"Great tasting juice... kept me full all day long"