$9 Boot Camp Class or Three for $18
What We Love
  • A great workout for your entire (smokin') body
  • Tone muscles and blast calories
  • Practice drills used by the US and Israeli armed forces
Need to Know
  • Valid until 05/14/2013
  • Limit 1 per client; may buy unlimited as gifts
  • Tax not included
  • See schedule below
About Deal
    • In '90s movies, when a lady takes off her glasses and undoes her bun, her hotness increases a billionfold. In real life, we have to do a little more work than that.

      Today's Loot should help. We're offering a boot camp class with Steve Sweat NYC for $9 (reg. $25) or three classes for $18 (reg. $75).

      The hour-long workouts combine cardio, strength training, plyometric exercises, and drills used by the US Armed Forces and Israeli Defense Forces. You'll burn loads of calories, tone up, and improve your posture, plus you'll get plenty of personal attention to help you meet your goals.

      Classes are held Monday at 6:45pm, Wednesday and Tuesday at 6:45pm, Saturday at 12:45am. Grab this Loot and get an extreme health makeover.

Reviews for Steve Sweat NYC
Testimonials from Clients:

"My names Suzie and I started training with Steve with no previous workout experience. I had no core strength and my arms lacked any muscle support. After working out with Steve, in just over 4 months, I developed a noticeable amount of arm strength and core strength without feeling bigger or bulky. I couldnt do one pullup when I started and now I can do at least 2. He helped me overall tone and develop important core muscles."

"Im a 23-year-old graduate from NYUs Arts Theater program, actively pursuing my career.Working with Trainer Steve has helped keep my body toned and ready for my busy life. Steve has transformed my body and now I look and feel, like an actress. Now I have the confidence I need when I walk into the audition room."

"My name is Cindy and Im a actress in NYC all the way from Salt Lake, City Utah and I joined Steve Sweats boot camp in late August and since then I have lost 10 lbs and have never been so toned. Working out with Steve has showed me how to acquire my inner strengths. Before I started training with him I hated exercise and was not getting any gigs cause I wasnt the one they were looking for. Since then I have had a few call backs. I have more energy my skin is glowing and my body looks great!"
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