$29 Hypnotherapy Session
and $39 Couples Hypnotherapy Session
What We Love
  • Lose weight, reduce anxiety, quit smoking, or break other bad habits
  • Improve your relationship
  • Certified hypnotherapist with master's degree in psychology
Need to Know
  • Valid until 07/30/2013
  • Limit 2 each per client; unlimited as gifts
  • Tip not included
About Deal
    • Sometimes your usual coping mechanisms (Beyoncé videos, chugging leftover gravy, denial) aren't enough. And sometimes, they become the actual problem.

      Get to the root cause with today's Loot. We're offering a hypnotherapy session for $29 (reg. $150) with therapist Carolyn Asnien.

      Hypnotherapy can help you break bad habits, deal with anxiety, or lose weight. You'll begin with a consultation to discuss your objectives before you're guided into a deep relaxation for the next 45 minutes to an hour. While in this state, your subconscious mind opens, allowing positive suggestions to replace negative thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.

      Need to work things out with your boo? Grab a couples hypnotherapy session for $39 (reg. $200). You'll be hypnotized together for one hour to help instate positive suggestions to better your relationship.

      A certified hypnotherapist and counselor, Carolyn holds a master's degree in psychology from the New School. With her help, you can work it out.

Reviews for Carolyn Asnien, MA, LMHC
From Lifebooker:

"The change I felt was unmistakeable and immediate. I left Carolyn's office and had absolutely no desire to go on an eating binge. I feel strange... and wonderfully free."

"This was my second session with Carolyn and it was even more powerful than the first. Carolyn has a presence that makes me feel safe and confortable. More importantly, the carefully worded suggestions she gives are specifically tailored to my needs. I will definitely go back to her."

"have had 2 appts so far and planning to return. finding sessions both insightful and helpful."

"effective and professional counseling. good overall experience, felt she understood issues immediately. would recommend"

"Couldn't recommend it more! Carolyn is a great therapist. Hypnotherapy is an interesting technique that is working for me."

Testimonial from a Client:

Several years ago I was a team participant in expedition racing. One of the legs of these races was a technical rope climb on very high steep cliffs and traverses. I was petrified of heights during training, paralyzed with a fear that stopped me in my tracks. I decided to seek help through hypnosis. Ms Asnien's professional skills and expertise helped me overcome my fear of heights and I was able to climb and manage my fears after one single session. I highly recommend her! - Ilana Lobet

" I was a new mother going through some rough patches with an alcoholic husband, and Carolyn was my rock. Intensive counseling sessions with deeper explorations of my psyche not only got me through this stormy chapter of my life, but brought me the kind of knowledge, joy and self-love Id never known. I think its Carolyns combination of professional training, personal astuteness, keen powers of observation, compassion plus that rare, ineffable quality of knowing when to be soft and when to dole out necessary tough love that makes her such a wise and wonderful psychotherapist and human being. I consider my training under, and friendship with Carolyn one of the great gifts of my life." - Suzanne G.
Carolyn Asnien
  • Carolyn Asnien, MA, LMHC 238 West 101st Street Suite 2 New York, NY 10025