$99 Therma Sculpting, $55 Cavitation Session,
and $55 Skin Tightening Session
What We Love
  • Tighten skin, reduce cellulite, and increase circulation
  • Noninvasive procedures
Need to Know
  • Valid until 02/28/2013
  • Limit 2 per client
About Deal
    • When you run low on food, you don't freak—you just throw a two-ingredient recipe together. Problem is, they're so easy! You usually end up making (and then eating) it all.

      Undo the damage, you culinary wizard. We're offering a radio-frequency skin tightening treatment or an ultrasound cavitation session for $55 (reg. $325) at Therma Scultping of Beverly Hills.

      Both noninvasive treatments tighten and contour skin, improve circulation, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Ultrasound cavitation utilizes a handheld ultrasound device to break down fat cells in your problem areas, which are then eliminated naturally by your body's natural metabolic process. During the skin tightening treatment, radio frequency is used to stimulate collagen production and cell regrowth from the deepest layers of skin. Feel free to call the Therma Sculpting office to discuss which treatment is right for you.

      For $99 (reg. $650), try the revolutionary therma sculpting session, which combines the two treatments. Choose to target your stomach, back, arms, back of legs, or inner thighs.

      Grab this Loot now and ditch the terrible twos.

Reviews for Therma Sculpting of Beverly Hills
Testimonials from Clients:

"After having my first child, I lost 30 pounds but i noticed I still had a belly fat and my skin was not as firm. After 3 treatments I noticed a great difference my belly fat was gone, and my skin felt a lot more toned. The greatest part was that there was no recovery time and it took only ONE hour per treatment, and no pain. I was able to go in and out that same day. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT FOR EVERYBODY, THIS REALLY WORKS GREAT!!!!!"

"I lost 25 pounds over the past 4 months with only 5 treatments. Yes, A whole 25 pounds! When i first started the treatments i was losing inches instead of actual pounds but as the months progressed, i started dropping a pound a week. There was a point where i was losing a pound a day! I was amazed at how painless and easy it was. The technicians are friendly, polite and helpful. I believe they genuinely cared about my weight loss goal."

"I love this place. The staff was very professional and caring. I got the therma treatment on my stomach and I was amazed that I saw an immediate change. I recommend this treatment and spa to everyone who is trying to improve the way they feel and look."
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