$25 Private Yoga Session
or Grab Three for $73 with Liza Laird
What We Love
  • Receive one-on-one instruction
  • Bend over and touch your toes
  • Get fit and chill out simultaneously
Need to Know
  • Valid until 01/06/2013
  • New clients only
  • Limit 2 three-packs per client; unlimited single sessions
  • Private Lessons are held at Liza's Studio
About Deal
    • If your jeans are a little too tight and your core is a little too...not, it might be time to get off your bean bag chair and grab today's Loot.

      We're offering a private yoga session with yoga coach Liza Laird for $25 (reg. $125) or three sessions for $73 (reg. $375).

      In yoga, you flow from posture to posture toning muscles, increasing flexibility, and calming your mind. During the hour-long session, Liza will guide you through each movement, helping you stretch without falling over. Liza's challenging but relaxing program—a blend of physical exercise and meditation—will keep you feeling relaxed and loose as a goose.

      Check out Liza's blog to get a peek into her philosophy. Pretty tight, right?

Reviews for Liza Laird
From Lifebooker:

"I bought this for my husband who has never done yoga. He loved it and Liza has given him the confidence and basic skills to join me in group classes."

"Liza is an excellent instructor-- she's patient but pushes you to find your limit, then work through it to find the next level. awesome."

"Liza was totally sweet and patient. I really enjoyed my session with her and am glad to have discovered her on Lifebooker!"

Testimonials from clients of Liza Laird

Lizas teaching has strengthened and toned my body and the steadiness in difficult poses feels amazing. - Erica

With the guidance and care from Lizas teaching I have developed a strength and fearlessness that has helped me both on and off the mat. - Amy

Classes with Liza definitely challenge me both physically and mentally. There is no better way to start my day. - Andy

I am a yoga novice, but Liza has been able to teach me in a compassionate way that allows me to experience the parts of yoga that are most important to me. - Joe

Liza Laird Yoga
  • Liza Laird 80 E 11th Street Suite 639 New York, NY 10003