Laser Hair Removal:
$25 for Small Areas, $35 for Large Areas
What We Love
  • Never shave or wax again
  • Treat the small or large area of your choice
Need to Know
  • Valid until 04/22/2013
  • Limit 5 of each per client; 5 of each as gifts
  • Tip not included
  • Space treatments a month apart
About Deal
    • Hair! Can't live with it. Can't live without it. Or can you? Find out with today's bare-all Loot at Beauty and Youth Spa.

      For $25 (reg. $99), we're offering one session of laser hair removal for any of the following small areas: cheeks, underarms, chin, lip, stomach, bikini line, or quarter arms. Or get one of the following options for $35 (reg. $225): half-leg, chest, back, half arms, butt, or Brazilian bikini.

      Using the latest technology in laser hair removal, an esthetician will stunt the future growth of hair. On average, it takes six sessions to completely remove hair from one area, and you can grab up to five Loot from each category.

      Beauty and Youth is located in the West Village and rocks a 4-star rating on Citysearch. Grab this Loot now and be smooth.

Reviews for Beauty and Youth Salon & Spa
From Lifebooker:

"Fast and easy process. Hair today and gone tomorrow."

"I highly recommend Ksenia - she is a wonderfully thorough technician (and I've been to a lot of them!)."

"I just had my third lower leg treatment with Oksana. She's really great and answers all my questions patiently. Also, I shaved right before the second treatment and then again right before the third. Read: NO SHAVING FOR A MONTH."

"Highly recommended, very professional and very effective."

"I just came back from my Brazilian laser hair removal I had at Beauty and Youth Salon & Spa and all I have to say is that I am thrilled.... Place is spacious and cleane.stuff friendly and professional. Lady who did my Brazilian was very detailed...I must say It wasn`t even painful...the best so far and I did laser hair removal at other places!"

"Awesome place, well organized and great people. I was scared of the laser treatments but they explained it so that I can understand the procedure. I strongly recommend it for lip laser removal....thinking of legs as well!"

"Kseniya was the most thorough LHR technician I have ever had. She took her time, drawing white lines on my legs to divide them into quadrants, and going back over spots that had a little more growth. She would check (both visually and by feeling my legs) to make sure she had got everything. I have never had anyone that did their job so well -- I will go back to Kseniya for everything! I can say without reservation that this is THE BEST PLACE IN NYC for laser hair removal! Thank you, B&Y!!!"

Beauty and Youth Spa
  • Beauty and Youth Salon & Spa 17 West 8th Street New York, NY 10011